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Crawl. Walk. Travel. 1st time flying with Stella, we both learned a lot… I was nervous to be that mom on the plane, you know, the one with the screaming child.  But I had decided long ago that part of parenting for us meant that we wouldn’t stop traveling, so Stella is along for the […]

Flying with a Lap Infant: 5 Tips for Traveling with Littles

Aesthetics seem illusive, you know the way it makes you feel but their are elements to achieving the end goal. It doesn’t happen on accident. When I travel, I like feeling lost for a portion of my trip. The kind of lost that allows me to explore freely, stop thinking, and enjoy.   You know […]

Why create your Pinterest aesthetic for your next trip?

After a long day traveling, what’s the one thing we all crave? A hot shower to wash the journey away and a comfy robe to let you know you’ve arrived.  One of the many perks of a luxury hotel stay, is that these robes feel as luxurious as the property itself. A luxury hotel stay […]

Wake-Up Every Day in a Luxury Hotel Robe

So when my (now) husband proposed we celebrated with friends, called family, and then it hit me – this meant I got to plan our honeymoon.  And sure enough, that night after champagne toasts and showing off my new bling I got to work.  I decided on a Mediterranean cruise so naturally my wedding date […]

When do you need travel insurance?

After graduating with my BBA in Hospitality and Tourism and spending years working special events, traveling for work, and starting/selling my recruiting firm I decided it was time for me to combine my love of adventure and business. I started Melted&Moved as a passion project for those looking to co-create travel with lasting impact. Anyone […]

Working with Melted&Moved: Your Luxury Travel Advisor