Stories make the best souvenirs.

There is nothing I love more than seeing eyes light up in anticipation of a vacation on the horizon or a client returning home, interrupting themselves as they remember anecdotes faster than they can share. Is there anything better than a trip that becomes part of you? Rhetorical of course, because NO. When you travel in a way that the experience changes you physically, spiritually, and mentally - it leaves an IMPACT.

This meaningful form of travel is desperately needed. Why? Because what really comes back with you? The wanderlust photos of course, but it's the stories and experiences that make a lifelong souvenir.

Every individual has an ideal experience but it takes more than the perfect trip to experience impactful travel, it takes the right preparation from your travel advisor and ultimately you.

Client Testimonials

Melted & Moved

travel design

The personal attention from Kate has been beyond our expectation. I never thought I needed a travel company until we started working with Kate! Thank you Melted & Moved, we look forward to planning many more trips with you!

Kasey, Mexico

Thanks for everything you did to help us through planning, and getting to, this vacation! We can’t wait to book some more with you, not that we’re even thinking about coming back.

Dustin, Turks & Caicos

I'm not bad at researching travel and trips on my own, until I realized how much more a luxury travel advisor has to offer. Kate has the unique ability to discover and learn about the type of travel and vacations we prefer and then books us into the resorts and activities best for each season.

Lynn, Prague

Kate took it all, and we just had to basically show up. Every detail was thought through for us - meals, dietary requirements, activities, etc. We can not wait to plan our next trip with Kate, and we have recommended her to all of our friends and family.

Carolyn, Hawaii