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There are hundreds of lakes in Italy, most of which are popular with locals but largely overlooked by tourists who rush to the internationally recognized Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Como. If you want to escape the crowds, visit one of Italy’s most loved and romantic lakes lying at the foothills of the Alps. […]

Travel Guide: Lesser Known Northern Italian Lakes

One thing I look for in a Boutique hotel stay is immersion. With eco bamboo structures and open-air rooms, you get deep immersion with every detail.  Bambu Indah translates to “beautiful bamboo.” This hotel truly lives up to its namesake by celebrating nature and letting the landscape and architecture show off. Where: A 15 minutes […]

Staying in the Most Romantic Treehouse Hotel in Bali

Going from a culture where the dress code was centered around complete modesty where a minimal amount of skin was allowed to show, to a dress code of bare naked takes a minute to adjust. Okay, maybe an hour. In Germany, I had the chance to embrace a spa day in a “textile-free environment.”  Entering […]

The Naked Truth: My “Textile-Free” Spa Day