Travel Guide: Saint Lucia

One of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean, with two towering volcanic peaks known as the pitons. A more adventurous destination with lots of reef-diving sites, hikes leading to waterfalls, and Sulfur Springs. Currently, it’s considered the number one honeymoon destination in the Caribbean and It’s not hard to see why. It’s the ideal romantic getaway for a honeymoon or a babymoon.

The temperatures range from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The months of December to May are the driest, and rainfall increases in the summer. From June to November, Saint Lucia is more prone to hurricanes. We went in June, and the rain showers came and went for 5 minutes at a time, followed by the sun. It was actually quite refreshing to have everything cool off.

The official language of St Lucia is English, but most St Lucians also speak French Creole. The place names are frequently French, but not always pronounced as such.

Let’s talk about getting there. 

When you arrive, there is an undeveloped feel and charm, but there are plenty of five-star waterfront luxury properties to choose from.

Saint Lucia now has several direct flights:

  • Miami 
  • Atlanta 
  • Charlotte
  • New York 

The airport is quite small. I always enjoy visiting tropical destinations where you can step right off the plane onto the tarmac; there’s no need to stay indoors in paradise. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there are no water bottles available for purchase when you arrive, so bring your own.

Saint Lucia’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. Taxi drivers and most establishments, however, frequently accept US dollars. Our hotels were able to provide us with a cash advance for a small fee, allowing us to avoid having too much cash on hand.

North or South

Choosing what side of Saint Lucia to stay on really depends on your travel style. 

When you fly into UVF, you are on the South side of the island. 

With longer beach stretches and sunset views, the north side of the island is ideal for families and nightlife. This is where you’ll find your all-inclusive options and where cruise ships dock, so it’s the busier side of the island.

The resorts on the South side are more private. The Rodney Bay Waters are calm and inviting for watersports and there are plenty of places to go snorkeling right off the shore.  It’s also a shorter drive from the airport, making it more convenient for short trips.

We chose to stay on the South side of the island, right between the two pitons. Excursions to the sulfur mineral bath, drive-in volcano, and Torille Waterfall are all nearby.

Where to Stay 

For those looking for a luxury, romance trip, I’d recommend a peak to beach itinerary.  For us, we choose to split our stay between Ladera Resort and Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort.  

Ladera Resort – An Eco Luxe Retreat 

Located in Soufriere, about 45 minutes from the airport on what used to be a cocoa plantation, this resort is ideal for those looking to unplug (no phones or televisions in the room) in a relaxing hideaway. 

We arrived at our hilltop adults-only retreat with a warm greeting and welcome non-alcoholic champagne. What a fun surprise and show of attention to detail. Plus there’s an extensive mocktail menu for any other babymooners.  We stayed in a bi-level Hilltop Suite with a heated private plunge pool and a four poster canopy bed with mosquito netting and while there is no A/C the breeze and elevation made the stay incredibly comfortable. All rooms feature open wall design without a fourth wall, a private pool, and views of the pitons. Click HERE for our room tour.

There are several different suite types located along the ridge. I can help you book the ideal location based on your preferences and make sure you’re a VIP guest upon arrival. 

Melted&Moved Perks: 

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Full Breakfast daily for two guests per bedroom
  • $100USD Resort credit 
  • Complimentary roundtrip private airport transfers 

Insider Tip: every Thursday there’s a cocktail reception you won’t want to miss. Think steel drums and complementary rum punch ✨

The views from the award-winning Dasheene restaurant are unrivaled; I recommend eating before sunset so you can watch the sky change colors while you eat. Most of the dishes use locally grown ingredients; I recommend the bouillabaisse and mango martini. Click HERE to see our dinner with a view!

While on-site, you can use the main pool and terrace loungers for lunch overlooking the sea but I must admit, it’s hard to want to leave your room when it has everything you could need. Since the property is located on a UNESCO World Heritage site, the hike on property is an absolute must.  On your way back down from the lookout point you’ll run into meditation gardens and you can choose to take the path towards this three story treehouse built around a mango tree.  Below was an outdoor gym that felt more like a playground. 

All of this without leaving the property! Have you stayed at an eco resort?? They’re full of surprises 🌱

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort 

A short drive down the ridge will bring you to the white-sand beaches of Sugar Beach, which are sandwiched between the twin pitons. Hands down, my favorite beachfront resort in Saint Lucia. Romantic rooms with lots of white decor, all with private decks and plunge pools. The grounds were once a sugar mill, and some of the ruins can be found throughout the property. With a plethora of beachfront dining options serving wood-fired pizzas, sushi, and tacos, as well as fine-dining options serving French-Caribbean fare, you could easily spend a week here without leaving the property. They also host several specialty nights, such as their beachside BBQ, where you can enjoy all you can eat crab, sushi, jerk chicken, and so on. While the dining prices may be relatively high, the food is of exceptional quality.There are all-inclusive plans available.  

The romantic tree house spa is one of the best on the island and an experience in and of itself. You can also plan a steam room/shower visit around your treatment. With free water sports, on-site snorkeling, tennis courts, and a kids club, this would undoubtedly be my first choice for family travelers.

Given that the resort spans over 100 acres, it’s critical to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your room’s location. While there are air-conditioned shuttles available to transport guests to each hot spot, it is a very hilly road to walk on your own.

All rooms have espresso machines, walk-in showers, and claw-foot bathtubs in some. Terraces are definitely a highlight, and the villas have plunge pools with breathtaking views. My favorite category is the Luxury Beachfront Bungalows, which is where we stayed because they are right on the beach and have an outdoor shower and jacuzzi. If you need more space, there are residences with up to 5 bedrooms and fully equipped kitchens available. It was wonderful to wake up in our bungalow and grab a coffee to sit on the terrace daybed overlooking the beach. This is the room category to choose if you want first dibs on beach loungers for the day because there are just steps away from the beach so you can choose your location.

The level of service was outstanding! I always judge a resort’s service quality based on their beachside service. We approached our beach loungers and were given a terry cloth branded towel cover as well as drink menus. Drinks were delivered in 5 minutes. Then they provided lavender-infused cold towels. When we  returned the next day, they were bringing fresh coconuts to each guest. True beachfront service.

Only Jade Mountain can compare in terms of ultimate luxury, but not with the ease of beach access found here.

If you want the ultimate adults-only getaway with privacy, I recommend staying at Jade Mountain. Each room is completely private and separate from the other guests, with views of the Pitons in the distance. Guests at Jade have access to the six restaurants, bars, beach toys, and amenities of its sister property, Anse Chastanet, which is located just down the hill. This is a fantastic resort that caters towards a more casual traveler at slightly less expensive price point but still very luxurious.

Jade Mountain is known for its stunning architecture with bridges leading to each suite. I have access exclusive perks for clients who book all of these properties using Melted&Moved.

To do

Visit to the Sulphur Springs & Mud Baths 🌋 

The Sulphur Springs were formed as a result of a collapsed volcanic crater. The site is technically a volcano, hence the hot springs, but it has been dormant for 200 years.

You could definitely smell the sulfur in the air – not the most pleasant smell but worth it. It was too hot for me to get in pregnant but that didn’t stop us from having fun with some mud tats. 

First you take a dip in the hot springs and then take a mud bath that is said to have detoxifying properties. As the locals say, it will make you 10 years younger!! 

Tip: While there are showers here, the locals recommended we skip this so that the minerals had time to soak into our skin.

You can finish the day by walking under the Toraille Waterfall or power shower.

Soufrière Town & Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Soufrière is one of Saint Lucia’s most recognizable landmarks. The sulfurous aromas produced by the volcanoes inspired the town’s name. Visit the town square and learn about Saint Lucia’s culture, or head out to some of the islands’ natural wonders. The Saint Lucia Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens are also located in this town.

We strolled through the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens with a guide who pointed out native plants along the way, ending at the beautiful waterfall covered in mineral deposits. Every so often, the colors of the waterfall change due to the minerals.


Tet Paul Nature Trail is suitable for all ages and offers stunning views of the Pitons.  Each Piton has its own name: Gros Piton (at 2,530 ft high) and Petit Piton (at 2,438 ft high). You can actually hike the Pitons; most visitors attempt the Gross Piton, which, while difficult, does not have a scramble at the top. I’d only heard of locals completing the Petit Piton, and I’d heard it’s mostly a vertical path at the top.

Snorkeling and Diving 

We went on a sailboat charter for the day, stopping along the way to jump off and snorkel. It was a fantastic way to see the island from the sea and enjoy the underwater life. We also saw signs indicating where you could scuba dive through shipwrecks. I highly recommend, as a boat day excursion is always one of my favorites.

Saint Lucia captivates everyone who sets foot on her coastline with equal parts beauty and mystique. Imagine soothing waves, warm beaches, and friendly people. The island personifies adventure and relaxation at it’s finest.

Ready to plan your trip?! Contact us to book your VIP stay.