Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

What are the Salt Flats

The Salt Flats are remnants of a lake that’s now 90% table salt and can be 5 ft. deep near the center. On a clear day, it’s so flat that you can see the earth’s curvature.

At one point in time, Lake Bonneville covered 1/3 of Utah. The flats are about 12 miles long and 5 miles wide, covering around 46 miles! When you’re standing on them, it certainly looks infinite. 

Like walking on the moon

Driving to the Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats are in northwestern Utah, the closest city is Salt Lake City.  

Distance by car:

  • 2 hours from Salt Lake City
  • 2.5 hours from Park City

You will know when you’ve hit them because there is nothing for miles during your drive so make sure you go with a full tank of gas and plenty of water.  There are two rest areas you can stop at with restrooms and the salt flats will be directly off the stop. 

Parking Location #1. Salt Flats Rest Area
Parking Location #2. Bonneville Speedway Viewpoint

Add the parking location into google maps, directions will populate. Driving from Park City and seeing the mountain landscape transform into desert definitely made it a worth while day trip. We were able to see a completely different side of Utah.  

When to Visit

You can visit year round but the highest saline concentration is during the summer. The sun reflects the saline surface and creates so much light!  During the winter, the Salt Flats are more likely to have a wet salt crust and water on the surface so you can capture some great photos with the reflection of the mountains and sky on the salt.  

We drove through the snow to see the Salt Flats and it cleared up just enough to see the mountains peaking through the clouds.  It only added to the experience to see the Salt Flats change in color during our visit.  When the clouds cleared up slowly, the sun was able to reflect off the saline concentration, turning everything around white! 

My Experience

Check out my experience from the edge of the Salt Flats, you can see the ground change the further in we went! 

Click the image for the video link 

Travel Tips

 Entrance is free

 No camping permitted 

 You can drive on the Salt Flats but not after rain or when they have been wet, high likely hood of getting stuck

 Poor cell phone service as you get close

 No restaurants or restrooms close by so plan accordingly

Travel Advice

Thinking of adding the Bonneville Salt Flats to your itinerary? 

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