Why create your Pinterest aesthetic for your next trip?

Aesthetics seem illusive, you know the way it makes you feel but their are elements to achieving the end goal. It doesn’t happen on accident. When I travel, I like feeling lost for a portion of my trip. The kind of lost that allows me to explore freely, stop thinking, and enjoy.  

You know how I achieve this? I plan. 

Plan for the:





All of the things that factor into the end goal.  I don’t want to be pulled out of the moment by handling logistics during my trip so I plan to achieve the aesthetic that drew me to the destination and give myself room to see the beauty and get lost by scheduling in lost time.  

✨Anyone else find that they are most FREE when they are prepared and READY for the adventure – whatever it may be? 

✨If your soul craves time to get lost during your travels, I’ll be sure to help you create the feeling your craving. Just leave the logistics to me. 

Since we are talking aesthetic, there’s no better platform than Pinterest

Outside of the illustrious Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, and AFAR travel magazines, here are a few boards I follow for inspiration.  

@lajollamom for family luxury travels 

@jessswandering for off the beaten path adventures

@thebontraveler for design inspired travels 

@jetsetterphoto for tips and imagery 

@cerealmag for engaging interviews and unique design

@suitcasemag for a collective of travel culture 

Pinterest is basically a digital mood board with links! So not only are you able to curate an aesthetic for your ideal trip but you can find helpful guides, tips, and destination information. 

Curate your Travel Aesthetic

These are just a few boards that provide inspiration for my travels.  As your travel advisor, if you decide to curate a Pinterest Board based on the aesthetic of your upcoming trip and share it with me, I can base location, hotel, and tour recommendations on the imagery you share.  I spend my days on video conferences with suppliers around the world and conduct room tours so as a visual person I can provide more value and potentially a more thorough match for your travels based on what draws your eye. 

The Boards are Endless

When you are finished brainstorming destinations and looking for wanderlist inspiration, it’s time to dig into the details.  And Pinterest makes this fun. Create a new board for local cafes, activities, or landmarks that are must sees. You can keep creating new boards to cover different aspects of your trip, giving you the option to go as deep as you’d like.  


Back from the journey? Upload your photos and share your experiences.  Not only does Pinterest serve as a digital bulletin board to collect travel inspiration, but consider giving back and creating your own space where you can share tips and tricks for fellow travelers while simultaneously creating your personal scrapbook. 

Where do you find inspiration for your travels?

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Love, Kate