Words to live by when visiting Hawaii

With two official languages, English and Hawaiian – locals would appreciate you learning a few key words prior to your visit.  English is the main language spoken but travel is about experiencing something new so embrace and adapt as much as possible.  Here is a short list of words and phrases that can be put to use.

Spirit of the Island

Aloha: greeting & parting but also love and an action verb for the things you do

Ex. live, surf with aloha

Mahola: thank you

Kōkua: help or support

Phrase “Maholo for you kokua”: thank you for your assistance 

Shaka: hand gesture for aloha spirit where you extend you pinkie and thumb

If you ever need directions…

Only in Hawaii

Mauka: towards the mountains 

Makai: towards the ocean

Windward: windy, wetter side of the island 

Leeward: protected from wind, drier side of the island

Ohana: Family, used openly for community

Vog: Volcanic smog that may drift over the Big Island

Ono: delicious (hopefully a word you an use often)

Bathroom distinctions…

Wahine: women

Kāne: men

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