Working with Melted&Moved: Your Luxury Travel Advisor

After graduating with my BBA in Hospitality and Tourism and spending years working special events, traveling for work, and starting/selling my recruiting firm I decided it was time for me to combine my love of adventure and business. I started Melted&Moved as a passion project for those looking to co-create travel with lasting impact.

Anyone that knows me will tell you travel is one of the only constants in my life – besides my wonderful family but that’s still saying something. I get restless, it’s part of my personality so once I feel like I’m the expert at something – I move on to the next. But that’s the beautiful thing about travel, you can never fully be an expert on the world.  Top honeymoon destinations, new resort openings, hot travel trends are always changing.  That’s how I know this is the perfect career for me.  I’m constantly learning and I choose to prioritize meetings, webinars, and property visits based on my client’s interest so I can get the inside scoop every travel lover is dying to have. My detail-oriented self thrives on presenting an organized and personalized itinerary to minimize your stress and save you so much time.

While I may not be an expert on the entire world, I am a professional travel advisor and expert at knowing who to go to for each and every destination of choice.   Since it still seems to turn some heads when I tell others my job title, I thought I would share some frequently asked questions.


What is a Travel Advisor?

How do I get paid?

How to work with me?

What’s the final product?

Let me do the heavy lifting of researching and vetting options so you can choose from curated adventures based on your travel preferences. I’ll handle the tricky parts so you can focus on the dreamy getaway without the overwhelm. Ready?Let’s talk soon,