When do you need travel insurance?

So when my (now) husband proposed we celebrated with friends, called family, and then it hit me – this meant I got to plan our honeymoon.  And sure enough, that night after champagne toasts and showing off my new bling I got to work.  I decided on a Mediterranean cruise so naturally my wedding date would be decided by sail dates.  We had cruised in the past with no issues and clearly spending a very large portion of our budget on this honeymoon I decided the extra cost of travel insurance was just not needed.  Let’s just say this trip was the game changer for me.  After the most amazing wedding, we happily made our way to the airport where I noticed our flight was delayed – we didn’t think much of it but when I checked the flight information display a second time EVERYTHING was delayed.  We soon discovered air traffic control was shut down and then lines grew longer and longer.

Y’all, if we didn’t make our boarding time, we could have lost our ENTIRE cruise or we would be trying to meet the ship at the next port! Now I still can’t decide if I’m proud of myself or slightly embarrassed for what happened next but it was my honeymoon so my strong type 8 (enneagram fans?) came out and I quickly had security grab our bags, got in front of the computer to see additional departing flights, and we drove to a different airport and boarded our flight at LAST CALL.  Not ideal to say the least, although is a true picture of what I mean when I say I can MAKE SH*T HAPPEN.

We boarded our cruise, celebrated with drinks and literally started to fall asleep (cocktails in hand) but all that to say, don’t put yourself in the position where you could loose EVERYTHING to save a couple hundred dollars.

Moral of the story, I highly recommend travel insurance for:

  • Protecting your financial investment
  • Health reasons
  • Lost, stolen, delayed luggage
  • Cancellations
  • Emergency evacuation


What is covered depends on the insurance purchased, be sure to get the best policy for your trip by reading your policy details and speaking with a travel professional.

I’m not an insurance agent but I can guide you in purchasing and offer policy details for your review.

When to purchase? At the time of deposit is best and sometimes required.  If not, you typically have 14 days to decide to purchase insurance.

So when do you need travel insurance? We protect everything important to us with insurance, travel is no exception.

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