4 Reasons To Use A Travel Advisor

1. Leave it to the Professionals

You would think planning a trip with access to the internet would be easy, but the modern traveler is not looking for a cookie-cutter vacation. Todays travelers are interested in a unique experience, cultural immersion, and authentic exploration.  

I founded Melted and Moved Travel because of my passion for travel and attention to detail.  When you can choose from 25 cruise ships, knowing all your options can be a full time job.  And for me, it is! I know your time away is precious and I have made it my full time mission to optimize your budget and create a transformational experience.  

2. Destination Expertise 

Right now you may be dreaming about the next destination. Maybe you’re thinking Italy and how exciting it would be to take a fast train from Rome to Florence or a plane ride to Sicily.  All excellent ideas but the logistics are stressful.  So you tell us your dream and we handle the logistics. 

3. Personalization and Trust

You are unique and your trip should be customized to the you, your travel companions, and if you enjoy a spa day or hiking adventure.  The trip we plan for you will be just that – for YOU. 

I am invested in your happiness and satisfaction.  You could book online, but the search engine will not get to know you and make recommendations.  My goal is to develop a relationship and trust between us so, you feel you have an advocate every step of the way. 

4. Insider Access 

Just because you pay a fee for your Travel Advisor doesn’t mean you will spend more in the long run. Once everything is booked, we mark you as a VIP guest so you can receive perks and incentives through our insider access.