Bali Travel Guide

Bali is simply captivating and has a little of everything to offer.  From beach days to touring the temples and embracing the spiritual energy of Bali.  There are endless options.  

Bali has become a hot spot in certain areas where you can experience cute cafes and bars but remote experiences that makes Bali unique are still out there.  

You just need to pick the right cities with the activities that suit you best! 

Best Time to Visit?

During the dry season.  

May through October. 

I visited in June when humidity levels were low. 


Most Balinese are trilingual (English, Indonesian, and Balinese).


1 U.S Dollar is equivalent to 14011 Rupiah. 

Get ready to be a millionaire!


Bali is relatively low risk but snatch theft, the infamous traffic, and  undertow are top on the list to be aware of. 

Bali To Do

Tips for Your First Trip to Bali

4 Bali Musts

Rent a Scooter.

 Adventure outside of the tourist area and get explore.  

Plus, its so cheap! A moped can be $2USD on the islands. 

Eat Local.

The best place to try local cuisine is in the local warungs. 

Nasi Goreng was a favorite of mine.  Fried rice, veggies, and meat but so fresh and good! 


You can get an hour message for $5 USD. 

I paid a little extra to get a message in my villa for $20 USD and it was well worth it.  


The Money Forest in Ubud is a hot spot with hundreds of monkeys but  be careful about making eye contact.

Some of these monkeys can be very aggressive so bring some food and keep your distance.