Moving excellent encounters from beginning to end.

The average person spends 30+ hours researching and planning a week's vacation. Avoid the Google rabbit hole. We pride ourselves in giving your trip the same focus and attention to detail we would our own.

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Travel with peace of mind, with us as your advocate.

Are you…
Ready for a vacation but don't know where to start?
Tired of taking on hours of research and the responsibility of a trip?
Reading millions of reviews without knowing which are real?
Procrastinating because the planning stage stresses you out?
Experiencing the decision fatigue of too many choices?

You deserve something incredible to look forward to. It’s time for a relaxing vacation that doesn't require you to be “on” 24/7. Work with us to co-create an experience that feels authentic to you so the memory fuels you, long after you’ve returned home. Even the best planned travel is unpredictable, don't leave it all to chance. We can help protect your investment and serve as a resource while you're away.


We connect

Fill out the trip design form and you’ll receive a link to a scheduled zoom call.


I Design

Based on our conversation, we’ll work with the information you provided to design a custom itinerary, starting with accommodations and then adding activities, tours, excursions, dining reservations, coffee and bar suggestions. We will work with travel partners around the world for “insider” knowledge and VIP treatment until we have created a memorable itinerary, just for you.


You Confirm

Once we have designed the perfect itinerary, we’ll ensure you have every reservation number, flight confirmation, and any other necessary documents easily accessible in our mobile app. Here to assist before, during, and after your trip.


Bon Voyage

Prior to arrival, I’ll “VIP” you and be in contact with hotels to make sure they know my guest is arriving. Don’t be shy about sending us some digital postcards!

work with us

Client Experience:

I'm not bad at researching travel and trips on my own, until I realized how much more a luxury travel advisor has to offer. Kate has the unique ability to discover and learn about the type of travel and vacations we prefer and then books us into the resorts and activities best for each season.

Lynn, Prague