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Remember when Cabo was strictly for college Spring Break, well this is not your daughters spring break locale. Things have changed. This Latin American destination has the highest concentration of luxury travel brands in Mexico.  Los Cabos includes two towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  If you can’t decide between a mountain, […]

Los Cabos: The Luxury Destination of Mexico

Aesthetics seem illusive, you know the way it makes you feel but their are elements to achieving the end goal. It doesn’t happen on accident. When I travel, I like feeling lost for a portion of my trip. The kind of lost that allows me to explore freely, stop thinking, and enjoy.   You know […]

Why create your Pinterest aesthetic for your next trip?

After a long day traveling, what’s the one thing we all crave? A hot shower to wash the journey away and a comfy robe to let you know you’ve arrived.  One of the many perks of a luxury hotel stay, is that these robes feel as luxurious as the property itself. A luxury hotel stay […]

Wake-Up Every Day in a Luxury Hotel Robe

Covered in pink-white sand, rolling hills covered in green leaves, and fairy tale towns. Saint-Barts is the best kept secret of the French West Indies.  Maybe its because I’m craving a European adventure (because I always am) that the red roofs remind me of the the iconic blue tops in Santorini. But while we await […]

Saint Barthélemy: The Island with a Sophisticated French Personality

Most people visit Hawaii in the spring/summer or over holidays, but have you considered winter?  Winter means something very different to these islands with temperatures staying right around 80 degrees and tropical flowers starting to bloom. When? Did you know? January – April is when you are most likely to see Humpback whales during winter […]

Winter Whale Watching in Hawaii

With two official languages, English and Hawaiian – locals would appreciate you learning a few key words prior to your visit.  English is the main language spoken but travel is about experiencing something new so embrace and adapt as much as possible.  Here is a short list of words and phrases that can be put […]

Words to live by when visiting Hawaii

So, you are ready to start the planning process and visit the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  No matter what your itinerary has in store, these are some important points you’ll want to know before you arrive. 1. When to go? Hawaii is consistently warm throughout the year so bathing suit weather is no concern. Summer months […]

5 things to know before you go to Hawaii

One thing I look for in a Boutique hotel stay is immersion. With eco bamboo structures and open-air rooms, you get deep immersion with every detail.  Bambu Indah translates to “beautiful bamboo.” This hotel truly lives up to its namesake by celebrating nature and letting the landscape and architecture show off. Where: A 15 minutes […]

Staying in the Most Romantic Treehouse Hotel in Bali

Whether it’s your 1st or 15th trip to Hawaii – there’s an island for everyone.  Here’s a quick need-to-know so you pick the island(s) that fit your travel style. You can find extreme adventure or serenity in luxurious spas and sunbathing. There is no wrong choice but there is a best choice for you.  Oahu Great […]

Which island fits you best?

So when my (now) husband proposed we celebrated with friends, called family, and then it hit me – this meant I got to plan our honeymoon.  And sure enough, that night after champagne toasts and showing off my new bling I got to work.  I decided on a Mediterranean cruise so naturally my wedding date […]

When do you need travel insurance?