Primland is a beautiful boutique resort nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains with 12,000 acres of views and endless activities that make it feel like ‘adult summer camp’. From ATVs and horseback riding to archery and golf, there is truly something for each guest to enjoy. A night under the stars, on the other hand, […]

Mountain Resort Review: Primland in Virginia

Multigenerational travel has emerged as a riding trend, bringing families together for unforgettable adventures and creating lasting memories across generations. As a travel advisor, understanding the unique dynamics and needs of multigenerational groups is essential to crafting exceptional travel experiences. After a recent multi-generational trip for my family, ages 6 months to 60, I thought […]

Multigenerational Travel: POV Grandparents & 7 Planning Tips

Maui is known to be the most luxurious of the Hawaiian Islands, with incredible resort areas and great road trips!! It’s also the 2nd largest island with the most swimmable beaches.  Add in waterfalls, volcanoes, and fresh island food – Sign me up!!  Fun fact: In Hawaiian mythology, it was demigod Māui who lifted the […]

Travel Guide: Maui

A frequently asked question, and the simplest answer is that the sooner you start the process, the better, but here are some guidelines to help you start thinking about your next getaway… Trip planning should begin anywhere from 3- 24 months in advance. 18+ Months A trip to the Maldives, an African Safari, or a […]

How far in advance should I plan my vacation?  

We’ve all heard the “he won’t remember this” or “you’re bringing the kids?!” comments. I get it but I respectfully and hardcore disagree. We have a young family and this season is brutal sometimes so when we getaway, I want them part of the highlights. Maybe our dinners are cut short and I’m packing 3 […]

5 Toddler Travel Essentials to Enhance the Experience

One of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean, with two towering volcanic peaks known as the pitons. A more adventurous destination with lots of reef-diving sites, hikes leading to waterfalls, and Sulfur Springs. Currently, it’s considered the number one honeymoon destination in the Caribbean and It’s not hard to see why. It’s the ideal romantic […]

Travel Guide: Saint Lucia

A well-packed carry on is essential to the experience, just like a well-planned trip. I’m a firm believer that a great trip begins before you ever leave home, so making the necessary preparations allows you to begin your journey a little more relaxed and ready for the adventure ahead! I’ve learned a lot through trial […]

10 Carry On Essentials for International Travel

Mother’s Day is just weeks away. I’m beginning to appreciate these small holidays more and more, the ones that don’t put any pressure on us but still make the day special by reminding us of what and who we’re thankful for. When putting together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I thought I’d share some of […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Every year, the East Coast is hit with winter weather, causing all of the snowbirds to flee south. And Florida is at the top of the list this year, with an endless stretch of beach, great shopping, nightlife, and diverse cuisine. What more could you want state-side.   If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.  Miami […]

Travel Guide: Miami Beach

WHY YOU SHOULD DRIVE FROM MIAMI TO KEY WEST If you’ve never visited Key West. I strongly recommend driving rather than flying in because the views make it an incredible road trip and there is so much to do along the way that driving through the Keys should be part of the itinerary. It’s about […]

Travel Guide: The Florida Keys